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Exemplary Services specially designed for you

Quality service

We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to ensure your utmost satisfaction by providing quality service backed with years of experience and the expertise of our experts and technicians.

100% Customer Satisfaction

At Deerfields Services, our customer satisfaction is our top priority. We ensure that all our services and your projects are carried out efficiently and effectively.

On-Time Projects Completion

With us, our word is our bond. We carefully analyze every project and provide an adequate time frame for project completion that doesn’t skimp on quality or safety.

Cooling Tower Services

Our team of expert engineers and technicians pride themselves on carrying out our cooling tower services with the most innovative designs and processes available.

Our services will help you save time, costs and prevent downtime whenever you need us.

Performance Testing

Deerfields Engineers are experts in carrying out internal inspections of the cooling towers. Using latest testing equipment calibrated by agencies listed in the CTI Test Code, we offer Cooling Tower Performance Testing Services.

Repair Solutions

Deerfields experts provide a plethora of repair solutions to restore optimal cooling tower performance without any time wasted. Be it replacement of a small spare part or full-scale on-site repair works, we’ve got you covered through it all.

Rebuilds and Refurbishments

Deerfields Services is equipped with the experience and resources to rebuild your old cooling towers to reach its desired performance levels. Our refurbishment solutions have shown to improve the performance of the Cooling Tower by >20%.

Cleaning & Disinfection

Deerfields services offers a detailed cleaning and disinfection service with best technologies and equipment that will help you maintain your cooling tower’s overall performance! Our cleaning solutions have proven to extend the service life of the CT.

Access Solutions

Deerfields Services designs, procures, supplies, and installs innovative and cost-effective platforms and walkways to enable secure access to the cooling towers – internally & externally for maintenance and upkeep purposes and enhance the safety.

Heat Exchanger Solutions

Just as it is case with Cooling Towers, we are also passionate about Heat Exchangers. We support our customers by providing inspections, spare parts, servicing, replacement, and optimization for their Heat Exchangers to improve efficiency and life span.