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Deerfields’ access solutions enable a secure pathway to the cooling tower for maintenance and upkeep purposes. We have designed, supplied, and installed industry-grade platforms, railings, and ladders fully adherent to standard regulations. While a cooling tower does not need round-the-clock manual supervision, periodic maintenance and cleaning are crucial to the longevity of the cooling tower. We have designed safe cost-effective platforms and walkways that keep your personnel as far away from hazard as possible. These increase productive maintenance results, save time, and boost your company’s reputation and enhance your position as a safety focused company.

Our FRP access solutions are:
  • Fire Resistant
  • Corrosion-Resistant
  • Slip-Resistant
  • UV Resistant
  • Sturdy yet Lightweight

Avail state of the art cooling tower access solutions that are cost effective and guaranteed to suit your allocated budget. Deerfields Services is a customer-driven company with ample capabilities within risk management. This is exactly why our personalized access platforms are budget friendly. Whether you want us to build platforms from scratch or upgrade old rusted ones you already have with long lasting FRP ones, let us know. Our specialists are thoroughly trained and will not rest easy until your workplace meets the specified safety standards.

Our goal is to provide solutions to our customers’ problems with technical, specific and high quality solutions, always focused and aimed at the most sustainable solution.

Our specialists are thoroughly trained and will not rest easy until your workplace meets the specified safety standards.

  • Deep Cleaning.
  • Major Cleaning.
  • Minor Cleaning.
  • Chemical Cleaning.

We use the best technologies and equipment to extract and remove dirt and debris even from hard-to-reach places inside the tower. Ultimately, rendering the entire system free to operate as intended without a spot of unsanitary elements. So, hire us today and avoid repairs that reduce the lifespan of your cooling tower. When we’re on the job, you need not worry about system performance being low. Our cleaning solutions are wholly customized to fit the type of the cooling tower – crossflow or counterflow!

Don’t let sludge and grime get the best of your cooling tower! Let our professionals do what they’re best at. Deerfields offers the most thorough cleaning services you will ever find. To top it off, we stay within your budget and complete the job quickly to limit downtime.

To us, a dirty cooling tower is a soon-to-be system failure which is why we treat it as such. Our semi-annual cleaning regime ensures that your cooling tower will remain fully functional for as long as possible. We sanitize everything within the entire structure including water basins, cooling tower fills, hardware, panels, and more. This helps with complete maintenance as a dirty cooling tower may become unfit over time to operate.