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Inspections and Performance Testing

A cooling tower’s overall health must be critically maintained for long-standing performance. Just like any other equipment, cooling towers are subject to an array of malfunctions and system issues. Operators must remain vigilant in terms of spotting the right issue at the right time. If your cooling tower has been long overdue for a check-up, it’s time you hire our professionals for an in-depth inspection. Here at Deerfields Services, we perform detail-oriented examinations of your equipment. Using innovative tools and techniques, our goal is to minimize potential safety hazards and expensive repairs by spotting budding problems in their initial stages. This not only protects your ROI but also lets us know whether a part needs immediate replacement.

Repair Solutions

Driven by 7 long years of experience and the passion to surpass customer expectations, we have been making a mark in the industry ever since day one. Be it a small spare parts replacement or full-scale repairs covering larger equipment pieces, we’ve got you covered through it all.

Cooling Tower Cleaning and Disinfection

Dirt, debris and scale buildup leads to massive performance deteriorations. Experts at Deerfields know how intricately designed the equipment is.. From algae to bacteria laden scale, it doesn’t take long before the fills get clogged or blocked to exert indirect pressure on the performance of the cooling tower.

Access Solutions

Deerfields’ access solutions enable a secure pathway to the cooling tower for maintenance and upkeep purposes. We have designed, supplied, and installed industry-grade platforms, railings, and ladders fully adherent to standard regulations. While a cooling tower does not need round-the-clock manual supervision, periodic maintenance and cleaning are crucial to the longevity of the cooling tower. We have designed safe cost-effective platforms and walkways that keep your personnel as far away from hazard as possible. These increase productive maintenance results, save time, and boost your company’s reputation and enhance your position as a safety focused company.

Heat Exchanger Solutions

Deerfields Services offers new heat exchangers, spare parts, maintenance services, and upgrade solutions that cater to clients across the spectrum. From Oil and Gas to District Cooling, our goal is to optimize your heat exchangers so that your processes perform well and run reliably. We use latest software and applications to offer our customers the suitable solution. Facilitated by ample expertise and attention to detail, Deerfields’ experts conduct a range of on-site services for ongoing performance. This includes: